As an entrepreneur you can try to do everything by yourself and read hundreds of articles and watch hundreds of courses or you can have more freedom in your schedule and hire someone who knows exactly what you should do next.

1. Who is Farera

“Farera” means a lighthouse keeper in Spanish and my job is to make sure that I steer you away from rocks and help you navigate to the next stage of your business. I’m not just a silent partner who handles administrative tasks on your behalf. Rather, I participate in the improvement process alongside you and grow your skills, so you won’t be lost again once I leave.

2. How can I help you

I’m experienced with building new projects from scratch as well as rebuilding things that don’t work anymore. I’ve co-founded two companies, established an international language community, and built up a profitable business model for a startup. I am an expert in tourism, hospitality, beauty, and well-being.

3. What working together looks like

Learning, Experimenting, Growing – 3 words that describe my work style the best. We’ll begin with a free discovery call so I can understand what's not working in your business and how I can help you. We continue with a series of regular 1-hour virtual meetings to address your biggest challenges. I hold you accountable for the actions we set, and provide you with feedback on the tasks you make between the 1:1 meetings.

4. I don’t promise miracles

I can’t get you paying clients out of thin air and we need to roll up our sleeves and prepare the ground before increasing sales. For instance, my client had an email list of 500+ subscribers but it had been inactive for 4 years. We increased her bi-weekly newsletter openings by 60% within two months and after 8 meetings she had an engaging newsletter writing formula that was tailored for her community. Her content started to receive positive feedback, which led to new discovery calls and eventually paying customers.

5. I know my skills and expertise

If you feel emotionally stuck I am not trained to help you because I am not a coach or psychologist who is going to ask the right questions so you could figure out the answers inside you.

6. Now, here are 2 options

If you feel that you have big dreams for your business but you’re moving at snail’s pace because you’re doing everything, and you need someone who has the right tools & knowledge to help you, BOOK your discovery call now.

If you are not convinced, I hope you find the solution for your entrepreneurial challenges elsewhere.

I’m looking forward to navigating together!