Case study of Terje
Experience: First-time self-publisher from Estonia
Challenge: Secure 4000€ funding

You can use crowdfunding platforms like or similar sites in your country to get funding for your creative project. To do that, you usually need to upload a promo video where you explain your project. My client Terje self-published her first children's book in November 2021. Her book "Õnnelooma seiklused" (The Adventures of Lucky Animal) is written in Estonian and was a lifelong dream to her. Our collaboration started when the book was still in the process and she needed to raise money for self-publishing through crowdfunding.

The first task I had with Terje was to write the script for the video and help her to set up the campaign account. The campaign was a success and she secured 4122€. Here are 7 tips that you can replicate.

Tip 1:

Take a look at successfully funded projects in your niche before you begin writing your video script and try to see what has worked for them. Don’t get overwhelmed when you see good lighting, special effects, etc. Instead, get inspired and execute your vision with the tools you have.

Tip 2:

No matter how tight the budget, you’ll still need someone with a camera, microphone, and editing skills. However, you might be surprised how many people might want to help you to turn your dream into a reality as a free collaboration for expanding their portfolio. Don’t be afraid to ask around in your circle of friends or Facebook groups. Or maybe you can agree to pay someone once when the project has been successfully funded.

Tip 3:

While people can watch a simple video, they can't really tolerate bad audio. Always make sure that there are no problems with the audio while recording. Terje lost hours of recordings because there was an echo in her house which nobody noticed while recording. Even though there are programs that can remove the background noise later, they might not leave the result you want.

Tip 4:

The video will be easier to look at and edit if you wear the same outfit the whole time.

Tip 5:

Short videos are the best. Make it max. 3 minutes.

Tip 6:

If your video is in your native language (not English), use English subtitles so that it can be shared more widely and you can attract more donations.

Tip 7:

Choose a colourful picture for your campaign profile, since it's the first thing people see.

Here’s Terje’s crowdfunding profile and video. By today she has sold over 300 copies and in my next blog post I’ll explain how we built up her audience from zero.

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