My mission

Help Virginia to write newsletters that her community (500+ subscribers) wants to open, read and take actions on.


Virginia already had an email list of 500+ subscribers when we met, but she hadn't communicated with them for about 4 years! The newsletters she had started to send again failed to "wake up" her community as its opening rates were low and unsubscribe rates high. She also had a blog but its content was exactly the same as for the newsletter, which made her emails very long to read (especially on mobile).

The results

  • During our 2-month collaboration we improved her newsletter opening rate by 80% and click rate by 140%.
  • Virginia tried something she had never done before - recording and sending the first video message to her community! By the way, this newsletter got the highest opening rate ever!
  • She nailed the formula of writing attractive titles and shortening her emails.
  • We created a welcome email for all new subscribers, letting them know how often and what type of newsletter to expect. Before there was just silence after signing up which didn’t leave a good first impression.

Today I still read Virginia’s newsletters and I’m happy to see that she has taken it to another level. Her opening rates maintain around 50% and she keeps generating new leads.

During our last follow-up Virginia said: A month or so after we stopped working together, all that we did started to pay off. I had interest from several new clients.

If you want to build a healthy relationship with food check and join her community of 500+ intuitive eaters or book a free discovery call.

And if you struggle to engage with your community and would like to generate more new leads don’t hesitate to contact me -

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