Facing Entrepreneur Challenges?

As an entrepreneur you need to navigate through self-doubt, loneliness and a lack of time to do it all. But, it can be easier when someone believes in you & wants you to be successful.

I work with entrepreneurs who need someone to push them in the right direction, spot problems they can’t see, and complement their skills.

I’m here to help you bring your ideas to life by making the process easy and less time consuming for you.

I Can Help You!


1:1 meetings where we take actions

I have a hands-on approach which means we take your current challenges, start to test new ideas, analyse feedback, and apply improvements.


I have time for you

You get tasks between our meetings with my unlimited revisions. I’m eager to share my feedback and come up with more ideas that help you.

How Can I Help You

Let’s get your ideas noticed!

We’ll start solving your content challenges like newsletters with low opening rates, blogs without traffic and lack of new subscribers.

I’ll help you to:

  • Write engaging content
  • Create a FREEBIE & welcome email for new subscribers
  • Set up a content calendar
  • Grow your audience

Let’s do the scary stuff together

I’ll push you to achieve goals that are outside of your comfort zone like reaching out to new clients and doing self-branding.

I’ll help you to:

  • Strategically approach your potential customers
  • Find blogs/podcasts who you can pitch to
  • Prepare for presentations
  • Organise your own (online) event

Let’s build your new project

Either you want to launch a new business or need to rebuild an existing one, here are some ideas how I can help you:

  • Set up & manage your FB account
  • Deliver new insights into your buyer personas
  • Pressure test your MVP (minimum viable product) and find people to try it out
  • Analyze feedback from your first testing and create a final action report

What can we achieve together

Virginia Watkins
Intuitive Eating Coach

Every time Helery and I meet I learn something I wasn't expecting. She knows what I need to focus on to grow my business before I can see it. She's also flexible and quick when I bring something new to her that needs attention. Helery gets how being a new business owner can feel overwhelming and she's great at breaking down my tasks and encouraging me in a way that feels genuine and connected.

Terje Homutov
First-Time Author

Chasing your life long dream can be actually quite stressful. There are so many little everyday things which need to be done in order to make things happen, spread the word about your work, reach out to potential clients, create visual content etc. Helery is the right person who can help you with that. She is very good at noticing and pointing out what is exactly needed, her ideas are creative and she is extremely organised. Helery is also super fun to work with!


You’re ready?

Then I’m available to guide you towards opportunities that enable your business to grow and keep you away from the errors I’ve experienced as an entrepreneur. I’m good at discovering areas for improvement and I can help you to bring your ideas to action.

I have co-founded 2 companies, run an international language community in Spain, built up a profitable business model for a Finnish startup and come from Estonia. I know that I won’t quit when things get tough and can motivate you when you feel disheartened.

Making an impact in people’s lives is motivating for me and I’m inspired by people who despite life’s difficulties continue to pursue their dreams. Think about me as “La Farera” (a lighthouse keeper in Spanish). I make sure that you can reach your destination as fast and safely as possible while taking advantage of the right opportunities.

Let’s navigate together - Book discovery call!

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